Thank you for showing your interest in Functional Fitness Dundee!

To make sure you get the best results and achieve your goals correctly, please let us know about your experience with CrossFit by choosing one of the buttons below.

If you are familiar and competent with performing such movements as snatch, clean and jerk, overhead squat – please click “I have done CrossFit before”.

If you have no idea what we just said – DO NOT WORRY! Our team will make sure you know and are able to perform anything you need to in our classes! You may have done other types of fitness or you may not have done anything at all; either way, please select “I am new to CrossFit” and let’s make those first steps towards making your life more fit and adventurous.

How we start our new clients here at Functional Fitness

To get started we have 2 options, the first is if you want to start IMMEDIATELY – give us your details in the form below, we sort you out with a FREE trial of 3 CrossFit Lite classes to get you going.

If you are happy and want to progress, we take your first months payment in full, this gives you a coach for 5 x 30 minute one-to-one sessions. These must be completed before we let you loose on a full CrossFit class, we want to get you fully up on technique, get you comfortable with the complex movements which can be part of our program, and get you up on the terminology. In the mean time, get cracking with your CrossFit Lite, get nutritional structure with the diet provided, and build up your skill set with the 1-1 sessions. Once completed, get straight into CrossFit or stick with Lite classes (or a mix), it’s totally up to you!

The other option is to go through our fundamentals program with a group of others new to CrossFit. We do these every other month. The Fundamentals consists of 3 mandatory 1 hour sessions at dates specified when booking, this teaches you all of the important movements involved in CrossFit, gets you up to speed and in between times you can book CrossFit Lite classes to keep you going towards your fitness goals!

If after reading the above you still have any questions – please feel free to contact us using the form below.

To get started with us, simply leave your details and one of our team will be in touch to get you up and running!!

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Our registration process is really simple, buy your number of sessions for the month, book your class times and come along and enjoy the workouts!

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